I am Masaki Takai, representative director. DOT ZERO INC. was established in 2009. Since then, we have supported the growth of our clients through the power of design. Today, the diversification of media and networks is changing the environment of the creative industry. In my view, we need to do two things. One is the implementation of far-sighted strategies adaptable to the abovementioned environment. The other is to, without being tied to the approaches that are in front of us, pursue ideas to truly impress people and to establish creative services unaffected by trends. This is particularly important in the rapidly changing environment. When we successfully supplement both with each other, we can draw out and disseminate the appeal of our clients to the maximum.

We will guide our clients to a good future.
Your continued patronage of DOT ZERO is highly appreciated.

CEO Profile


Born in 1976 in Osaka. As a student, Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain made a strong impression on Takai and he entered the Kuwasawa Design School, an institution that has inherited the Bauhaus philosophy. Aspiring to pursue a professional career in modern art, he learned modern design. After graduating from Kuwasawa Design School in 2001, Takai entered a design company and undertook numerous assignments including CI for Häagen-Dazs, Sembikiya, Tokyu Hands and other companies and brands; comprehensive supervision of shop development; and event art direction. Takai also won the Subaru Tenjin Acros Award in a car design competition.

In 2004, Takai became a typography instructor at Kuwasawa Design School.
In 2005, Takai organized an art event titled EFFECTS and performed live painting. He also organized EFFECTS ART WORKS, an exhibition that also included some works Takai had made as a creator with a team of artists.

In 2006, Takai entered BEAMS Co., Ltd. and undertook creative assignments such as art direction and design for BEAMS, the brand that has stores throughout Japan.
Takai was also engaged in the branding and visual identity of new stores and labels.
In 2009, Takai established DOT ZERO INC.
Currently, Takai works as a brand producer and is involved in the planning, production and branding for many different companies and brands.